For this project, I aimed to re-imagine the posters of three of my favourite films in a minimal style. My goal was to make each of them reflect the content and aesthetic of the films whilst still looking like they were part of a cohesive set. I wanted the final designs to look like they could be a part of a limited edition release or box set.


I began by creating a word cloud for each film and thinking of items, colours, and events that were significant to the story line. I decided to choose three of these elements to put on each poster. After I had settled on my three illustrations and sketched them out on paper, I brought the project into Adobe Illustrator to create the vector art. I tried to restrict the colour palette and used as few detailed elements as I could to achieve the minimal style I was going for. Lastly, I tried to match the typography of the original film posters as much as possible to make it look more authentic. I put the final designs into a DVD case mockup to see how they would look if they were purchased as a limited edition release.


Overall, I was pleased with the final designs and I think they look stylistically consistent. I think the strongest one is my Midsommar poster; I find it the most visually compelling out of the three and I feel it accurately represents the film. 

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