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Mood Board Design Exploration

Something I find really fascinating about design is the vast array of different design aesthetics that exist in the world. It's interesting how some designers choose to stick to a specific style while others are more flexible and change their aesthetic with every project they work on. In my opinion, there are significant advantages to either of these options.

By curating your own signature style, your body of work looks very cohesive; every project will have your own personal touch. I think this can really help designers stick out amongst the crowd and show they have something special to offer. It can also help these designers attract the type of work they're interested in. For example, if a designer is working mostly in earth tones and minimal designs, the brands that seek them out will want to align themselves with that aesthetic. However, having a signature style makes you less versatile if you're not willing to switch up your look.

Being a designer who does not have a set design aesthetic can also be a great path. Although you won't have as cohesive of a body of work, your portfolio will be diverse enough to attract a larger audience. It shows clients that even if you have specific aesthetics you're attracted to, you're willing to adapt. This allows your clientele to be a bit more varied and you're more employable to a wider audience.

As a beginner in the design world, I'm having a difficult time deciding which of these options is the best choice for me. I have certain design aesthetics that I'm attracted to and that I wouldn't mind doing again and again. I also like the idea of my portfolio having a bit of my personality in it and representing my specific brand. However, I think there is always an advantage to being pushed out of your comfort zone. Going to school at NBCCD has made me realize that sometimes the best projects are actualized as a result of me being forced to do things I might not have chosen to do.

I think at this point the best choice is to be somewhere in between these two options. I want to take note of the styles I'm attracted to and incorporate them into my work whilst still keeping an open mind. It can be stressful to feel like you should have a design aesthetic figured out right away and I hope to keep learning as much as I can from other designers and to not put too much pressure on myself to create a distinct look. Above this blog post I've put a mood board of designs I like that I aspire to emulate. I think it's helpful to keep these inspirations in mind as I go forward in my career.

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