• Ashley Goodine

Project Diary: Logo Design

For our latest school assignment, we were tasked with creating a logo for a fictional company. We were given a list of business names and their descriptions and we had to design a logo that suited their brand. The logo had to be slightly abstracted and alluded to what the company did rather than creating literal imagery. For my project I chose the fictional high class food delivery service "Cordon Bleu".

I started the process by creating a word web of everything I associated with the brand. I wrote down any imagery I could think of that came to mind when I thought of a food delivery service. Next to the word web I started to make doodles of objects I could possibly abstract and turn into a logo. I've found that word webs and doodling are the best way to start my projects because It allows me to get my ideas on paper without worrying about perfecting anything or being too tidy. I try to write whatever I think of and not judge my ideas before they're developed.

Word web idea exploration

My next step was to start taking some of the images I thought of and abstracting them. I experimented with a different cooking materials and food imagery but ultimately I decided upon a chef's hat. I took the chef's hat and made it more minimal by drawing just the outline and a few detail lines inside it to make it easily identifiable. After that I added a circle underneath it for an abstracted head. I made these two symbols my core idea for the logo and I experimented with making it into an exclamation point and with putting it on top of a box-like illustration that doubled as a body for the chef.

Refining the idea

Once I had a clear plan, I scanned my sketch book page and began to trace my designs in Adobe Illustrator. I tried out a variety of textures and brushes but in the end I decided that the designs looked best with clean, uniform lines. For the text I really liked the look of mixing a sans serif font with a script font underneath it; I ended up using this combination for all of the logos to keep it looking cohesive. Deciding on a colour palette was a bit challenging. I knew I wanted to incorporate a blue shade to allude to the Cordon Bleu name. However, many of the blue shades I tried ended up looking too generic and computerized. I wanted a colour palette that felt homey and earthy but still high class. I ended up choosing a more muted grey/blue along with a cream shade and I'm really pleased with the overall look the two colours created. I took my imagery, text, and colours and created four different layout options for the final logo.

As an extra step, I took two of the logos and put them into a mockup I found online. Being able to see my design placed on the mockup made it all come to life and overall I was very pleased with the final result.

The logo on a mockup

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